Mirror Media Group (MMG) is a collection of hyper-local media brands fueled by engaging content across our digital, video and print platforms specializing in Marketing and Communication on behalf of your business to local residents in West LA

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Our Audience

Who is Our Audience?





Bachelors Degree or More


Average Household Income


Average Household Cost

$2.5 Million+

*For Market-Specific demographics, please ask!

Top 5 Interests


Financial Services

Real Estate

Health and Beauty Self-Improvement


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Why Work With Mirror Media Group?

Our Audience Are Your Customers

As West LA’s only local media company - we have hundreds of thousands of locals in our audience – those who are most likely to do business with you!  With some of the most affluent zip codes in the world our audience has the spending power to support and engage with your business!

Ability to BOTH Advertise and Provide Local Communication Services for your Business Under One Roof!

When you work with MMG you have access to both our Advertising, Video and Editorial Departments.  Allowing for seamless campaigns to be executed between local messaging through advertising and the content your business puts out to the masses.

Massive Exposure While Being Budget Friendly

MMG has unique and proprietary campaigns that allow your business to maximize your budget and because we have multiple avenues for your ads/promotional content to go, we can reach more people locally for less.

Our Audience Grows Constantly Benefitting Your Marketing/PR Investment

Every month MMG adds new email subscribers, video viewers, social media followers and readers.; Each new audience member is a potential customer for you!

Supporting the Community

While our job is to connect your business to residents in West LA – we do this by being the #1 source of local news and information to the Westside – a much needed service made possible by you!

Mirror Media Group Monthly Network Reach by the Numbers

Monthly Print Audience

100,000 +

Monthly Video Audience

150,000 +

Monthly Web Audience

200,000 +

How Does Mirror Media Group

Work With Your Business?

Everything we use to reach our audience, we give to you!

Advertising FAQ

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How does my ad(s) reach thousands of people per month?

We place your ad in a mix of videos, websites, publications and e-blasts (whatever assets are in your campaign) - which reach hundreds of thousands of people weekly in the West LA area - your business gets exposure to that audience.

Who do you reach or what is your general demographic?

Each of our outlets covers exclusively the community it represents - so the people that live in these areas are who are your demographic is. Also, depending on what medium you are using, the demographic can change - for example, if its PRINT - the demographic is older / if VIDEO - the demographic tends to lean younger.

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