MMG is a collection of hyper-local media brands fueled by engaging content across our digital, video, print, & event properties.

Who is Our Audience?

• Female = 60%

• Male = 40%
• Bachelors Degree or more = 78%
• Average Household income = 180,000+
• Average Home cost = $2 million+

*For Market-Specific demographics, please ask!

Top 5 Interests of Our Audience (Based on Search Information):


Financial Services

Real Estate

Health and Beauty Self-Improvement


Mirror Media Group (MMG)
is a collection of Westside Media outlets:

  • Started in 1999
  • Print Distribution: Weekly
  • Website:
  • Social Media/Video Channel: @smmirror
  • Circulation: 8,000
  • Started in 1990
  • Print Distribution: Monthly
  • Website:
  • Social Media/Video Channel: @brentwoodnewsla
  • Circulation: 6,000
  • Started in 2015
  • Print Distribution: Monthly
  • Website:
  • Social Media/Video Channel: @thepridela
  • Circulation: 15,000
  • Started in 2014
  • Print Distribution: Monthly
  • Website:
  • Social Media/Video Channel: @palisadesnews
  • Circulation: 5,000
  • Started in 1999
  • Print Distribution: Monthly
  • Website:
  • Social Media/Video Channel: @westsidetoday
  • Circulation: 7,500
  • Started in 2000
  • Print Distribution: Monthly
  • Website:
  • Social Media/Video Channel: @yovenice
  • Circulation: 5,000

Why Work With Mirror Media Group

Our Audience Are Your Customers

As West LA’s only local media company – we have the Hundreds of Thousands of locals in our audience – those who are most likely to do business with you!

Ability to BOTH Advertise and Provide Local Communication Services for your Business Under 

One Roof!

When you work with MMG you have access to both our Advertising and Video and Editorial Department.

Massive Exposure While Being Budget Friendly

MMG has unique and proprietary campaigns that allow your business to maximize your budget and because we have multiple avenues for your ads/promotional content to go, we can reach more people locally for less than our competition!

Our Audience Grows Constantly
Benefitting Your Marketing/PR Investment

Every month MMG adds new email subscribers, video viewers, etc; Each new audience member is a new customer for you!

Supporting the Community

While our job is to connect your business to residents in West LA – we do this by
being the #1 source of local news and information to the Westside – a much needed
service made possible by you!

Mirror Media Group Monthly Network Reach by the Numbers

Monthly Print Audience

100,000 +

Monthly Social Media Audience

250,000 +

Monthly Web Audience

200,000 +

Monthly Video Audience

150,000 +

How Does Mirror Media Group

Work With Your Business?

Everything we use to reach our audience, we give to you!

Email Blasts

Video Ads

Web Ads

Print Ads

Video Features

Featured Articles

Advertising FAQ

General FAQ

How does my ad(s) reach thousands of people per month?

We place your ad in a mix of videos, websites, publications and e-blasts (whatever assets are in your campaign) - which reach hundreds of thousands of people weekly in the West LA area - your business gets a share of that audience!


Who do you reach or what is your general demographic?

Each of our outlets covers exclusively the community it represents - so the people that live in these areas are who are demographic is. Also, depending on what medium you are using, the demographic can change - for example if its PRINT - the demographic is older / if VIDEO - the demographic tends to lean younger.


Video FAQ

How do video ads work?

Video ads are placed in content that is of interest to the
general audience - rather that is a news report, a video
about a local hike, a video feature at the Farmers Market,
etc - each video is picking up thousands of views from the local area and those viewers see your ad. Your business is the EXCLUSIVE ad on the video!


How are videos with my ad on it distributed and seen?

Video ads are distributed 3 different ways:
1. Website
2. Email newsletter
3. Social media - which is geo targeted to ensure the
video is only being played in the selected market


How long do video ads last on the network?

Video ads are proactively boosted (depending on their
timeliness) for at minimum 10 days and up to 30 days. This is where roughly 85% of their views will come from. MMG does NOT take off any content.


Web Ad FAQ

How do your web ads work?

Our company has 7 different local websites in our
network. Your ad will be uploaded into our server that
will serve your ad out thousands of times a day on the
different sits selected in your campaign. Your ads will pop up on desktops, cellphones and tablets and when people click on your ad - they will be directed to your site or landing page of your choice (a page to sell tickets, direct link to product, sign up sheet, etc;).


Email FAQ

What is an E-blast ad?

This is an ad on our bi-weekly/breaking news emails that go out to an email list of people who have signed up to get our newsletters!. The number of emails on each list are below:
Brentwood News - approx. 4,870
Century City/Westwood News - approx. 4,654
Santa Monica Mirror - approx. 9,850
Palisades News - approx. - 5,135
Westside Today (Culver City/West LA) - approx. 4,162
Yo Venice - 5,304
The Pride LA (LGBT) - 6,342


What is the average E-blast open rate?

Our average open rate across all email lists is 28%
(18% above industry standard).

What is the average E-blast ad click rate?

Our average click rate across all email lists is 9%
(6% above industry standard).


Print Ads FAQ 

What are the circulations and frequency of your publications?

Santa Monica Mirror is weekly - 8,000 circulation
The Pride LA (LGBT+) is bi monthly - 20,000 circulation
Palisades News is Monthly - 4,000 circulation
Yo! Venice is Monthly - 5,000 circulation
Century City/Westwood News is Monthly - 4,000 circulation
Brentwood News is monthly - 5,000 circulation


What days do you publish?

All publications publish on Fridays.


How are the publications distributed?

We have several news boxes as well wire racks and business drops that we utilize in high traffic areas, places where community members gather, etc;


Mirror Media Group Contact Info

  • Sales

  • Vp of advertising

  • executive editor

  • general business inquiries

310.310.2637 ex. 101

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